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I have always had a specific liking for cars since I was young. So I have decided to make a website about it! On here I post blogs and other car stuff.

My top 3 'best' cars

Over here I have compiled a list of my three favourite cars and written something about them […]

Cars I also adore

Of course I cant include every car I like on here but here are two of the ones I think are worth mentioning.

  • Bmw M3

    This has to be one of the all time classics. The M3 is a staple on the automotive industry. It's one of Bmw's most looked at car in the M line-up. I love this thing. It's rear wheel drive which makes it mad in the corners, and it has 425 horsepower as well which is huge! And it's very luxurious which is a bonus point.

  • Ferrari 488(SVR edition)

    I mean what can I say? A Ferrari 488 is already amazing but the SVR edition takes this to a whole new level. With some giant carbon fibre stuck on wings and a giant rear diffuser to give it alot more down-force is this one of the most extreme looking Ferrari's. And I absolutely love it!>

More Mercedes AMG gtr

I can say this is pretty much my dream car, so I've included a video of a professional car reviewer talking about it.

Doug DeMuro
Car youtuber, car blogger

Doug DeMuro is a really big car youtuber. And no he doesn't show them off, he reviews them and writes articles about them. I like him very much, his reviews are always well constructed and fun to watch.